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Vincent Barletta

Associate Professor

Vincent Barletta has also received the Kay Philips Award for Outstanding Adult Ally, Youth Community Service, and was a John Simon Guggenheim Fellow in 2019–2020. He has also received various funds for joint research and teaching projects.

Since 2007, Barletta has been an instructor in Stanford’s departments of Iberian and Latin American Cultures as well as Comparative Literature. Additionally, he has provided instruction for the Department of Art History, the Program in Jewish Studies, the Program in African Studies, and the Department of Religious Studies at Stanford.

Vincent enjoys learning new languages and is an expert speaker of English, Portuguese, and Spanish. He has studied Hebrew, Latin, Classical Greek, and Arabic for years as part of his studies, and he is also fluent in French and Italian to a high level. His aptitude for picking up new languages is outstanding, and he never stops learning in order

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